Welcome To The Racing Investors Club

The Racing Investors Club is an all-in-one portfolio for Punters, at the very low cost of  just £14.99 per month. Most of the tipsters you will find within the portfolio come tried and tested over a very minimum 100 bet public trial, carried out via our proofing site PuntHub. Occasionally you will find new trial from tipsters we have tried and tested ourselves, and confirm them good enough for the portfolio.

During any given month there will be 3-6 tried and tested services with an overall ROI of 5% and above, bringing a pre-built portfolio to members – saving you both time and money by doing the searching for you!

Bets are posted in the Daily Bets Blog – and instantly emailed out to subscribers as they are posted.

Whats more, we aren’t called the Racing Investors Club for nothing! We have invested in several horses on behalf of the club and you can find all news, stable visits, race previews and updates in our Racing Diary. All the benefits of a race horse owner at just a fraction of the cost.

So what are you waiting for – Join the Racing Investors Club today!

April 1, 2017